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World Trading Data

World Trading Data is a FREE data source, it provides up to 250 price requests per day. The steps involved in registering for an API Key with World Trading Data are described below. On the 'Configure your Data Source' form for Prices or Dividends there is a button to 'Setup API Key' click on this button to request and setup your API Key for World Trading Data.

Once selected the Setup API Key form will be displayed to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Get API Key, click on this button and you will be directed to the World Trading Data website to request an API Key. Once you are on that website click on 'Register' to request an API Key.

Step 2 - Test API Key, once you have received your API Key copy it into the API Key text box on the Setup API Key form and then click 'Test API Key'. This will attempt a call to World Trading Data a message will be returned if the API Key is successful.

Step 3 - Store API Key, if the test is successful then click on the 'Store API Key' button to save the API Key into the settings for Share Tracker. That key will then be used each time you 'Update Prices' or run reports requiring Historical prices.

World Trading Data - FREE 250 requests per day

At the time World Trading Data was first integrated with Share Trade Tracker (July, 2019) the price feed was available FREE for 250 requests per day. We have designed Share Trade Tracker to send 5 securities in a single request. So if you had 50 open positions for different securities that will need 10 requests to World Trading Data to update prices. So you would have to update your price 25 times in a single day to exceed the FREE request limit.

You can check on the number of requests made with your API Key at anytime on the World Trading Data website in the 'Member Area'