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As you include more trade details into Share Trade Tracker the ability to filter and sort those details becomes really useful to analyse and track parts of your portfolio. The Filter function available on the Share Trade Tracker menu is designed to help you quickly and easily focus on parts of your portfolio.
The Filter form is automatically displayed when you access any of the Analysis worksheets, Dashboard, Charts or VAMI. You can filter for each of those worksheets separately, once you select the Portfolio to focus on click "Apply" and the data for the Dashboard or Chart will be filtered to that specific Portfolio. Similarly for the list of Security Codes and the Trade Date range. The Short Trades option allows you to include or exclude Short Trades from the Dashboard display

When you first open the workbook the Filter has nothing selected, in this state all values are displayed for analysis. You can select "Reset" to return the filter and the analysis worksheet to the starting unfiltered view.

The Filter form has been provided to give you insights into your trading portfolios it has also been designed to be as user friendly as possible. If for some reason you don't need to see the Filter simply select "Minimise" and the form will be reduced in size to give you the full screen. The form will also remember where you last positioned it on the screen so that if you want it located in the top right drag the form there and then the next time you come back to that worksheet the form will display in that same position.

For the VAMI a option to set the start investment amount is provided. Change this from the default of $1,000 to see what the effect of a different starting investment amount will have on your portfolio returns.