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Price Data Source

The setup of your Price Data Source is one of the key configurations for Share Trade Tracker. It is the first step as part of the Welcome guide. After selecting to 'Set Price Data Source' you will see the following form that will configure the data source for End of Day and Historical Prices.

End of Day & Historical Prices
The options for prices are:
  • World Trading Data (default) - recommended data source, this option is FREE for 250 requests per day. It requires the setup of an API Key before the data source can be used. The API Key is free and takes only few minutes to create one at the World Trading Data website. Click here Setup an API Key for World Trading Data.
  • EOD Historical - reliable data source, PAID option. This data source provides an alternative to World Trading Data via an integrated API. It requires the setup of an API Key before the data source can be used. At the time of writing this article plans from $20/month were available. Click here to Setup an API Key for EOD Historical.
  • Google - this option will not be supported past December, 2019. It is the most reliable of the FREE data sources integrated with Share Trade Tracker. 
  • Yahoo - this option will not be supported past December, 2019. FREE data source not reliable following recent changes to the Yahoo Finance website. 

First Time setup needs an API Key

On first time entry to this form the Data Source will be defaulted to World Trading Data. The status for each data source will be red as you need to request your own API Key to use the World Trading Data data source. Click on the 'Setup API Key' button to step through the process of requesting an API for World Trading Data or EOD Historical.

You need to make a selection for both the End of Day and Historical prices for all the features of Share Trade Tracker to function. We strongly recommend for new users to leave the default setting to World Trading Data as this will ensure a reliable data source once an API Key has been obtained. For advanced users the other options can be used if they offer price updates that are not available through World Trading Data.

After selecting the preferred option for each of the price configurations you simply select 'Update' to store the configuration into the settings for Share Trade Tracker. That data source will then be used for 'Update Prices' and 'Security Check' options in the ribbon and as part of the historical Reports generated.

Some of my Securities are missing price data (#Not Found) ?
For the data sources directly integrated with Share Trade Tracker (World Trading Data & EOD Historical) if you find that some of your securities are not returning data. We suggest that you contact those data source providers and request that they add the missing security to their database. In most cases they are able to do this with 24 hours of notification