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Sell Trade

When you first start using Share Trade Tracker no sell trades will exist in the Sell Trades worksheet. There are two ways to record your sell trades either through the "Sell" or "Upload Trades" option on the Share Trade Tracker menu. In this help article we will cover the "Sell" option which is used to enter sell trades one at time into the Sell Trades worksheet. For the upload of multiple sell trades refer to Upload Trades

Add Sell Trade
Click on "Sell" to display the Add Sell Trade form. Then proceed to complete the required fields on the form, when complete click on "Add Trade" and the details will be copied to the "Sell Trades" worksheet.


Fields on the Sell Trades Worksheet

The following is a listing of all fields on the Sell Trades worksheet.

Trade Date: date on which the security was traded
Security Code: security code for the trade; the exchange suffix is automatically included on "Add"
Exchange: the exchange that the security was traded on, the familiar name is shown
Company: this field is matched to the company details found on Yahoo
Portfolio: this is the portfolio selected for the trade
Instrument: this is the type of trade either a "Share" or "CFD"
Contract No/Reference: reference number, contract number for the trade
Quantity: total quantity for the trade
Sale Price: sale price for the trade
Sold Value: this is the quantity * sale price
Brokerage: brokerage for the trade
Total Sale Proceeds: sale price times quantity less brokerage
Matched Buy Trade Cost: the sale is matched to a purchase buy cost excluding brokerage
Matched Buy Trade Brokerage: the sale is matched to a purchase and the buy brokerage is displayed
Matched Buy Trade Total Purchase Costs: for the matched buy trade the total purchase costs are displayed
Gross Realised Gain/Loss: total sold value less matched buy cost excludes brokerage
Net Realised Gain/Loss: total sale proceeds less matched total purchase costs
% Gain/Loss: percentage gain or loss based from the matched purchase costs
Days Held: the number of days the position was held in the portfolio
Create Date: the date the trade was first created
Update Date: the date the trade was updated using "Modify Trade"
Buy Trade Reference: a unique reference from the matched buy trade
Sold Trade Reference: a unique reference for each sold trade