0. Introduction

We're here to help...

XLAutomation has developed a series of automated Excel spreadsheets, for each of the spreadsheets we provide instructions, tips and guidance designed to assist you in getting the most from our spreadsheets as quickly as possible.

Most of our customers find that our spreadsheets are simple and very intuitive and that they require little or no instruction. In the cases where you are unsure on how to achieve something with one our spreadsheets then use this help resource to find any relevant instructions.

To find what you are looking for use the navigation links on the right hand site of the site or search this site for a specific term that is relevant to the help you are looking for

If this is your first time using the spreadsheet we suggest you begin with the Getting Started section.

Check your Version...

This help site is updated and displays help only for the latest version. You can access archived versions for help via the links below if the version of Share Trade Tracker you are using is not the current release. To check your version see the top right corner of any worksheet in the Share Trade Tracker workbook or click on the 'Upgrade' button in the ribbon to check your version.

The current release version is v3.5.3

Release Date 3 Feb, 2021

Archived Help Sites

The following is a list of archived help sites that have been created for previous versions of Share Trade Tracker. If your version is not the current release you can access help specific to your version by clicking on the links below

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.6 - Release Date 2nd June, 2017

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.2 - Release Date 2nd July, 2015