To use an XLAutomation product it must be Activated on your computer. The Activation process will use your purchase email address and the product name to generate a unique Serial Key. That Serial Key is then used to Activate the product on your machine.

Once the product is Activated with a valid Serial Key it can used without restriction. All XLAutomation products can be activated on up to two (2) difference machines. For example you could activate Share Trade Tracker on your Laptop and also on your Desktop computer.

To Activate a product you must first have a Serial Key. The Serial Key is obtained by either

  • Purchasing a Licence via our website, or

  • Via a subscription with one of our partners

Once you have the Serial Key you can Activate the product by entering the key into the form, providing your email address and then clicking on Activate.

If you have activated your product successfully you will see the following message