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You may be a first time user or an existing subscriber. This notification is shown when a new Share Trade Tracker workbook is opened for the first time. We provide a few quick tips to ensure your transition to this new version of Share Trade Tracker is as smooth as possible.

Breaking News - New Price Feed Option for Share Trade Tracker

One of the key features of Share Trade Tracker is the ability to 'Update Prices' with the click of a button. That update of prices has used Yahoo or Google as the source for the price data. Although this works most of the time for most stocks it can be unreliable and in recent times it has stopped working for a period of time.

With the latest release of Share Trade Tracker (v3.2.0 and above) a new price feed option has been provided. It will allow you to 'Update Prices' from a trusted and reliable source every time. The price feed from EOD Historical Data has been integrated directly into Share Trade Tracker. You simply sign-up for the XLAutomation subscription package with EOD Historical Data, enter your API Key and your prices will be updated directly into Share Trade Tracker. See the page Data Source's Explained for more details on this new feature.

For new users

We recommend you review the Quick Start Guide

Existing subscribers....Transfer my data from existing workbook

You might have only a few trades in your old version of Share Trade Tracker or thousands. Regardless you can use the Share Trade Tracker 'Transfer Data' function to quickly import your existing trade details into the new version of Share Trade.

Once you have opened the new Share Trade Tracker workbook click on the 'Transfer Data' button on the ribbon and you will be presented with an option to 'Set Source' for your OLD Share Trade Tracker workbook. Once the source is set the records contained in that workbook will be validated for transfer. Following that the transfer can start.

Click Transfer Data to see a more detailed description on transferring data from your old Share Trade Tracker workbook.

Access to Share Trade Tracker Help

To access the Help information available in Share Trade Tracker, just click on the "Product Support Help" button in the ribbon once the workbook has opened and the Help window will open for you to review.