While most of your analysis can be performed directly within Share Trade Tracker you may need to create a report for a given period of time to send to your accountant or financial advisor. We have developed custom reports to make this quick and simple. From the Share Trade Tracker ribbon select "Reports" and then choose from the available report options.

Once selected you then specify the period or date range and then the Portfolio that you want to report. At the end of the report a worksheet is created with the report details and then automatically saved to PDF.

Financial Year Summary

One of the reports provides a Financial Year summary of your trading performance. This report also returns the value of any Open Positions at the end of the Financial Year. This can be very helpful when determining your end of year returns and tax obligations. The report includes all the key information that has been recorded for the Financial Year (Buy Trades, Sold Trades, Open Positions, Dividends, Interest, Cash Account)

Available Cash

This report will provide a transaction report for all details in the workbook and calculates a running total of the available cash for a given portfolio or all portfolios. It uses the starting balance recorded in the Cash Accounts worksheet and then includes all trade costs, trade proceeds (ie sales), dividends, interest and other income. For each report you can set the transactions that are to be included to the report.

Date Range

Similar to the Financial Year report the Date Range report provides a transaction listing for the selected portfolio. The report will attempt to return the historical price for the selected end date of the report.