Upgrade The Chartist

Follow these steps to upgrade your existing version of The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker. If upgrade is available for your current version of Share Trade Tracker then it will be indicated at the top of the upgrade instructions.

Step 1 - Check your version

Listed at the top of the Upgrade window will be your current version. If your current version is the same as the one listed for download then no upgrade is required.

Important Note: A major version upgrade is indicated by a change in the major version, for example from 'v2.0.18' to 'v3.0.1'. Major versions are released with significant new functionality and features.

Step 2 - Download

Click on Download to access the latest version, then click "Save" to save the new workbook to a location on your computer. Do NOT attempt to Open the new workbook at this stage, it will result in conflicts between your existing workbook and the new version.


A new version of Share Trade Tracker will be downloaded to your workstation. Once complete you should be able to find that file 'Share_Trade_Tracker_TheChartist_vX.x.x.xlsm' in your Downloads directory unless you elected to save the file to another location. For details on inclusions to the latest version see Release History

Step 3 - Close current Workbook

Now you have downloaded the new version you must close the current workbook before opening the new workbook.

Step 4 - Startup

Locate the new version of Share Trade Tracker stored on your computer. If you have previously registered and activated Share Trade Tracker you should not be presented with those screens again. The Startup worksheet will be displayed with any new options for Share Trade Tracker menu available.

Step 5 - Transfer Data

On opening the new version of Share Trade Tracker you will be presented with the option to Transfer Data from a previous version. Click on this option and then select your previous version of Share Trade Tracker and follow the steps to transfer the data from that workbook into the new version.