Upload Trades

Share Trade Tracker offers an upload capability that can save a lot of time in the setup of your portfolio. If you have an existing spreadsheet with details of your buy and sell trades you can copy that into the "Upload Trades" worksheet and then select "Upload Trades" on the Share Trade Tracker menu and the trades will be uploaded into the workbook

Step 1 - Create list of Buy and Sell Trades

Either type in or copy the details of you existing trades into the "Upload Trades" worksheet. Be sure to include the values in the correct columns and the expected values for the following columns

Trade Action: must be "Buy", "Sell", "Short" or "Close"

Portfolio: must be an existing Portfolio in Share Trade Tracker

Instrument: must be "Share" or "CFD"

Step 2 - Upload Trades

Now click on "Upload Trades" in the Share Trade Tracker menu.

The first process will look at each record in the worksheet and validate it for upload. If any of the records do not pass validation the will report an #Invalid message in the Status Column and also details to help you resolve the issue in the Comments Column. See below a sample of an Upload that did not pass validation for one of the rows.

Once the trades have passed validation they will be processed for upload to Share Trade Tracker. After a successful upload you will see the status for each of the trades.

The last message box returned after a successful upload of trades asks if you want to immediately search for prices and security details for the uploaded trades. Select 'Yes' to do that and then review each of the Share Trade Tracker worksheets to see the details of all your trades.