Transfer Data

Available from v2.0.19 and later

This provides the ability to quickly and easily transfer data from a previous version of Share Trade Tracker to a new version. It is normally used when a new release is provided with fixes and new features and saves the manual effort of transferring the trade and other information manually.

Step 1 - Select a previous file

Click on 'Transfer Data' in the ribbon and then click 'Select Source' and find the Share Trade Tracker file that contains your existing data. Once selected the file will be validated and report any issues with the version of the Share Trade Tracker workbook or the data contained in the workbook.

After validation of the source file a list of valid records will be displayed in the top list and any invalid records displayed in the bottom list. You can then take steps to address the invalid records before transferring data or you can proceed with the transfer of the valid records by clicking 'Transfer'

Step 2 - Address any Invalid Records

After validation any invalid records are displayed in the list at the bottom of the form. The reason for the invalid record is reported and you can then make changes to correct those records. The following is a list of some of the reasons for an invalid record and what can be done to address those.

  • Invalid Portfolio - the portfolio does not exist, use the Configuration to add that portfolio

  • Invalid Exchange - the exchange does not exist, use Configuration to add the missing Exchange

  • Invalid Buy Trade Reference - a problem has occurred during the creation of a buy or sell trade and the required reference no longer exists. This cannot be resolved and the trade needs to be transferred manually.

Step 3 - Transfer Records

Now using the list of valid records the transfer can proceed, to transfer all records simply select 'Transfer' and those records will be transferred from the source workbook into the new version of Share Trade Tracker. You also have the option to select only specific records for transfer, do this by selecting those records in the list of valid records and then click on 'Transfer'.