Dividend Details

Dividends are an important part of the investment analysis for your portfolio. Keeping track of which securities have paid dividends and when can be a time consuming task. Share Trade Tracker includes an automated search and record capability that will firstly build a list of your securities and their trade dates, it then searches various websites to find dividend information, once found it then calculates the holding for each security in a portfolio and finally the resulting dividend paid for inclusion in your portfolio.

If the automated search for dividends does not find the expected values you are able to enter a dividend manually and if the calculated holding is not correct you can override it with the holding that you believe should be used to calculate the dividend income for that position.

Once dividend details are found and recorded on the dividend sheet they are automatically included to the dashboard for analysis. In this help article we will describe the automated dividend process, it is also possible to create a dividend record manually see Manual Dividend for help on maintaining dividends manually.

Get Dividend Details

Once selected the following form will be displayed. The form manages the list of securities that will be searched for and then returns the list of dividends found. Once found the final step will add those dividends into the Share Trade Tracker workbook for each portfolio that has a holding for that dividend.

Before running the first step to search for dividends by selecting "Get Dividend Details" an important note is provided to user. The search process is one that requires long wait times as each security is searched for individually and then details returned stored. It can take several minutes to complete this search for a portfolio and is a factor of the number of securities.

Once you selected "Yes" to proceed with the search the securities are searched for one by one and the dividends stored for addition to the dividends worksheet.


Dividend Fields

Once the dividends are found and stored into Share Trade Tracker they are available for inclusion in the Dashboard. Now lets step through the fields that are created for a dividend.

Security Code: security code for trade

Exchange: the exchange that the security was traded on, the familiar name is shown

Company: this field is matched to the company details found on Yahoo

Portfolio: the portfolio, for each portfolio that holds a security and dividend record is created

Ex-Dividend Date: the date the determines if the security holder will receive the dividend

Franked %: the % of the dividend that has been franked

Franking Credits: the franking credit that applies for this dividend

Dividend: the dividend per share that is paid

Calculated Holding: this is the holding calculated for the security code, portfolio, ex-dividend date

Override Calculated Holding: if required a value entered to override the calculated holding

Total Franking Credits: the value calculated from franking credit times holding, where the holding is either the calculated holding or the overridden calculated holding

Dividend Income: the value calculated from dividend times holding, where the holding is either the calculated holding or the overridden calculated holding