Data Warning

The data returned by Update Prices and Dividend Details is sourced from information websites. It is made available via automation routines created by XLAutomation that visit those websites, extract the relevant prices and data and then return it to Share Trade Tracker for use in calculations.

The data is only as good as it's source and XLAutomation cannot guarantee that the data sourced is accurate or timely and you should be checking other sources before making any trading transactions on the basis of the data reported in Share Trade Tracker.

Important Note: The Current Market Price and other data shown is sourced from information websites. The market price will be at best 20 minutes delayed or the last close price if the market is closed.

Data is provided for information only and should not be used as the basis for share trading. XLAutomation accept no liability for errors and/or delays in data or for transactions carried out on the basis thereof.

The key data fields like Market Price, Daily Move, Maximum Price displayed throughout the workbook rely on this data to perform the market value calculations.