Missing Security

For some security codes the prices and security details cannot be found using the automated update process. In these cases after checking that you have entered the right security code and exchange you can include the details for those securities in the Missing Security Details worksheet.

This works the same way as the automated process for security details although you must maintain the values manually. So each time you want to update a price for one of the securities listed in the Missing Security Details it must be entered directly.

Key Note: Any values entered for a security code in Missing Securities will OVERRIDE any values returned from the selected data source. So you should check from time to time to confirm if the values are now available from the automated data source. To check simply change the security code in the Missing Securities worksheet and then run Security Check again.

Enter Missing Security Details

Click on "Other", "Missing Security" then "Add" to display the Add Missing Securities form. Then proceed to complete the required fields on the form. When complete click on "Add Security" and the details will be copied to the "Missing Securities" worksheet

After the missing security is included the Buy Trade entry is updated for those values and any other worksheets that have those details.