EOD Historical

EOD Historical is a paid data source that provides reliable and accurate price and dividend information for use in Share Trade Tracker. To use EOD Historical you must purchase a subscription from EOD Historical and then configure it in Share Trade Tracker. The steps are outline below.

Once selected the Setup API Key form will be displayed to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Get API Key, click on this button and you will be directed to the EOD Historical website to purchase an API Key. Once you are on that website click on 'Pricing' to see the available plans.

Then select the plan from EOD Historical, the EOD Historical Data - All World is the appropriate plan for integration with Share Trade Tracker.

Step 2 - Test API Key, once you have received your API Key copy it into the API Key text box on the Setup API Key form and then click 'Test API Key'. This will attempt a call to EOD Historical Data a message will be returned if the API Key is successful.

Step 3 - Store API Key, if the test is successful then click on the 'Store API Key' button to save the API Key into the settings for Share Tracker. That key will then be used each time you 'Update Prices' or run reports requiring Historical prices.