Activity Config

Setup Trading Activity Configuration

To optimise your use of Share Trade Tracker we provide a configuration option that lets you nominate the trading activity that is most relevant to you. There are many features included to Share Trade Tracker and some of them you may never use, with this option you can "hide" those features so they don't clutter your workbook.

The Trading Activity Configuration is displayed on startup or can be access via the Configuration -> Reset Defaults option on the Ribbon.

Set your Trading Activity

This option allows you to choose the parts of Share Trade Tracker that are relevant to your trading activity. If you are planning to track equities and will not be short trading, you would de-select the option for "Short Trading". If you will not be recording "Interest" or "Other Income" then you would de-select that option.

Once you are happy with the selections, simple choose "Save & Set" and the worksheets you have selected will remain visible, all the other worksheets in Share Trade Tracker will be hidden from view.

Order your Worksheets

This option allows you to re-order the worksheets into the order that makes sense for you. For example you might want to have the Dashboard worksheet first in the list so it is the initial tab you see in your workbook. Move the worksheets "Up" or "Down" to position them into the order that is preferred. Then choose "Save & Set" to re-order the worksheets.

If a worksheet has been hidden by your selections in "Set your Trading Activity" it will be indicated in this list with a "No" in the show column.

Reset Trading Activity Defaults

To reset the Trading Activity Defaults you can visit Configuration -> Reset Defaults from the Ribbon