Quick Start Guide

Ok...lets get started on Share Trade Tracker

Firstly Share Trade Tracker is not your average Excel workbook. It has been designed to make the job of tracking your Trading transactions as simple as possible. When you first start-up Share Trade Tracker it will be blank ready to receive your transactions.

If you have already Registered and Activated Share Trade Tracker we can get started on setting up your workbook to record you trading activity and then on populating your trading transactions. If you haven't Registered or Activated the workbook then refer to that help before coming back to this Quick Start Guide.


We have designed a 'Welcome' instructional guide for new and returning users that will help you configure your workbook. On startup you should see the 'Welcome' form displayed. Click through the steps and you will have your workbook setup for first use. Click here Welcome for more details.

What's the Ribbon ?

To access the functionality of Share Trade Tracker the Ribbon at the top of the Excel Window is used. This is the place you usually see things like commands to "Copy", "Paste" and "Format Cells".

When you first start-up Share Trade Tracker it should default to the Share Trade Tracker Tab on the ribbon. See the screen shot below, if you don't see this by default or cannot see the Share Trade Tracker Tab on the ribbon then contact the XLAutomation Support Team for assistance.

Populate Trade Transactions

Now that you have opened Share Trade Tracker for the first time and can use the Ribbon to access the functionality, lets populate your trade transactions, there are two (2) options

  • Use the Ribbon "Buy" and "Sell" to enter trades one at a time, or

  • Upload Multiple Trades at once using "Upload Trades"

For more help on Buy Trades, Sold Trades or Upload Trades refer to the section of this guide for details