Security Check

After adding a buy trade some of the details may report #Not Found, if you see this on the worksheets you can use the "Security Check" function on the Share Trade Tracker menu to search for those details on your selected data source. This function will find all the securities with #Not Found and then search selected data source. If they are not found as part of the Security Check it will return a warning message.

To perform a "Security Check" select the function on the Share Trade Tracker menu.

If the security check is successful the details for the security, including the name and latest price will be stored in Share Trade Tracker and displayed on the worksheets.

If the security details are not found then you will receive a warning like the following.

Security Details still Not Found

If the details are still #Not Found, then it may be the result of a invalid security code or exchange. Check those and update them if required. If the security code and exchange are correct then the automated lookup for security details cannot find the details for that security. In this case you will need to include an entry in the Missing Security worksheet, this worksheet provides storage of security details for any securities that cannot be found by the automated lookup.