Update Prices

The automated update of prices is one of the key time saving features that Share Trade Tracker offers. It takes the list of open positions in your portfolio and then searches for the last traded price for each of those securities and then returns that price and other securities details for display in the worksheets.

Before Updating Prices the data source options need to be determined for your workbook. Click on Data Source's Explained for more details on how to configure the data source options for your workbook.

Updating Prices

As for previous versions of Share Trade Tracker you select "Update Prices" in the ribbon to update prices from the data source web sites. For the latest version this will now indicate which data source is being used and provide you with reports on the errors and warnings that are returned for the list of securities being extracted. An error will be reported if the supplied security could not be found from the data sources, a warning is reported if the data returned may not be complete. In both cases you should check your portfolio for those securities listed and check that the company detail and prices are as you would expect.

A key difference for the new "Update Prices" is that it will only search for the securities that are Open Positions in your workbook. This change was introduced to save time on the update of security details.

Security Check

This function can be used to update any security details that have not been returned correctly for closed positions. In some case the company name may not be returned for some securities. In those cases this feature will attempt retrieve those details. If this is still unsuccessful then you can use Missing Securities to manually include values into Share Trade Tracker.

When to Update Prices

You can update prices at any time by selecting the "Update Prices" function from the Share Trade Tracker menu. You may be prompted to update prices after completing other actions in Share Trade Tracker, for example after adding a new buy trade you may see the following message.

Clicking "Yes" on this message box will perform a search just for that security code.

Another example may be after uploading trades to Share Trade Tracker.

Clicking "Yes" will perform a full search for all securities in Share Trade Tracker.