Release History

Current Release:

Share Trade Tracker v3.5.3 (release date 3 Feb, 2021)

Change Log

    • FIX - Licence and Registration process revised.

  • Note: If you are using a specific subscriber only version of Share Trade Tracker to access the latest version of your subscription only product you must contact your provider or access the latest version via the Upgrade option on the Share Trade Tracker menu

Past Releases:

Share Trade Tracker v3.5.2 (release date 22 Jan, 2021)

Change Log

    • FIX - Yahoo Historical Price was not returning data for some cases and causing errors.

Share Trade Tracker v3.5.1 (release date 16 Dec, 2020)

Change Log

    • FIX - Date Range Report to ensure that the number of decimal places for prices is increased to account for small value shares

Share Trade Tracker v3.5.0 (release date 24th Nov, 2020)

Change Log

    • FIX - Web Browser control to stop the crash, now calling out to the browser

    • FIX - Disable World Trading Data and Share Dividends as a data source

    • FIX - Headings on the Dashboard changed to match actual numbers

    • FIX - Removed the HDD check so that users can have the workbook on more than 2 computers

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.9 (release date 3rd Sep, 2020)

Change Log

    • NEW - Defaulted todays date in the Buy, Sell and Short forms

    • NEW - Added a check to see if the Norgate Data Updater is running for Confirm Subscription, Update Prices, historical and dividends

    • FIX - The filter form is now defaulted back to the centre of the screen everytime the workbook is opened

    • FIX - An error in the calculation of the %Gain/Loss column in the Open Summary sheet

    • FIX - Ad an error that occurred when attempting to generate the Open Positions chart

    • NEW - Added additional grey space at the bottom of the Dashboard

    • FIX - Ensured daily movement values are displayed for all data sources

    • FIX - Help Form has been temporarily disabled to avoid a crash with Excel 365. Instead all requests for help and other web browser calls are set to show the default browser.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.8 (release date 2nd May, 2020)

Change Log

    • FIX - Norgate Data HTTP call catching error for the case where the user does not have the Norgate Data Updater software installed.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.7 (release date 2nd May, 2020)

Change Log

  • NEW - New data source Norgate Data has been integrated with Share Trade Tracker for price and dividend information

  • FIX - Yahoo data source has been returned as a FREE data source, based on the historical data source on the Yahoo Finance site.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.6 (release date 5th August, 2019)

Change Log

  • NEW - Update to Configuration form to include an Exit button and a status indicator for the Data Source tab that advises the user if the Data Source is already configured or requires setup.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.5 (release date 2nd August, 2019)

Change Log

  • FIX - Forms throughout the Share Trade Tracker workbook were changed to "modeless" to reduce non-modal errors appearing intermittently for some workflows.

  • FIX - Change to the process for Setup API Key to simplify the steps to save and test the API Key and finally store it to the workbook for use.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.4 (release date 28th July, 2019)

Change Log

  • FIX - Registration error for Trial users

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.3 (release date 28th July, 2019)

Change Log

  • FIX - Transfer process System Error 'Worksheets' of Object

  • FIX - Daily Price Movement displaying $0 for World Trading Data

  • FIX - Error for Welcome Page when selecting Reset Trading Activity before Reset Sort

  • NEW - Open Position Summary has first 3 columns fixed always to show Security Code and Company

  • NEW - Valid Data Source to be checked as existing before Update Prices is run within Transfer

  • ISSUE - For user running Share Trade Tracker on Windows 7, the default data source of World Trading Data may result in a "secure channel support" issue. A resolution has been identified and is available via our support portal. Click on Secure Channel Support Error to see that resolution.

Share Trade Tracker v3.4.2 (release date 22nd July, 2019)

Change Log

    • HIGH PRIORITY FIX - Update Prices new DEFAULT for World Trading Data

  • HIGH PRIORITY FIX - Find Dividends direct integration with API call to ShareDividends.Com.Au

    • NEW - Configure Price Data Source for End of Day and Historical Prices

  • NEW - Configure Dividend Data Source for Australian Stocks and Overseas Stocks

  • NEW - Update to Configuration to include the Exchange Code for World Trading Data Data Source

  • NEW - Help Startup new option to Configure the Data Source at startup

  • NEW - Transfer will bring across the Data Source settings for Prices & Dividends from previous versions if the user had EOD Historical setup.

  • NEW - Transfer now brings across the previous Trading Activity and Worksheet Sort settings

    • FIX - Net Realised Chart displaying in the wrong order for the running total of the P/L

  • FIX - FormatWorksheet routine that was failing when the sheet was hidden from view

    • FIX - Case where Find Dividends does not find a dividend at ShareDividends.Com.Au it will now search into Yahoo or EOD Historical for Dividend Detail for AUD stocks

  • FIX - Chart display when NO Unrealised or Realised P/L values

  • FIX - Error when deleting trades from a Portfolio that has no Trades

  • FIX - Financial Year Report that was not checking for the Trades that had been sold during the period to exclude them from the Open Positions

Share Trade Tracker v3.3.8 (release date 12th June, 2019)

Change Log

  • FIX - Update to the Transfer process to handle large numbers of Trades (> 25,000)

  • FIX - Trial version now set to 15 days FREE trial.

Share Trade Tracker v3.3.7 (release date 8th June, 2019)

Change Log

  • HIGH PRIORITY FIX - The extract routines for AUD Dividend Data have been restored.

  • NEW - On startup a new guide for "New Users" and "Returning Users". Setup the trading worksheets that should be shown or hidden, also the ability to set the order for those worksheets to appear.

  • NEW - A Tip/Help Form that pops up when a user first navigates to one of the entry worksheets, this will provide guidance to the user that it is NOT possible to directly enter data into the Share Trade Tracker worksheets and advise they should use the ribbon to access the forms for data entry.

  • NEW - A function to allow custom sorting for all Trading worksheets included, along with a Default Reset option to return any custom sorts to the default for Share Trade Tracker

  • NEW - A function to allow for the deletion of all Trades for a Portfolio

  • NEW - Open Summary Analysis sheet that provides an aggregated view of all Open trades by Security and Portfolio. The aggregated view includes an average purchase price.

  • NEW - A function to allow for a change in Security Code (eg takevoer or merger). This enables the user to update a Security Code across all worksheets.

  • NEW - Update the Transfer to ask the user if they want to retain their existing Portfolio's and Exchanges or to Add them to the Default list.

    • FIX - Transfer the Data Source settings from an existing workbook into the new workbook, includes any configuration for EOD Historical Data Source settings.

    • FIX - Update to Reports to take the Latest Market Price for the Open Positions and Short Open Positions when running a report with a Future Dated End Date. This will populate the report with the most recent Market Price, if the Market Price is not for the current date a warning will be displayed for the user to run 'Update Prices' and then rerun the report to have the latest price.

  • FIX - Improved the speed of validation for the Transfer process

  • FIX - Close Analytics Error on exit has been resolved

  • FIX - Improved performance for Charts setup and filter actions

  • FIX - Updated the Filter for Dashboard to remove the Start and End Date as filtering by these options gave an invalid result as the price was not being set to the End Date

  • FIX - Filter Label was changed from ""Filter Dashboard"" to ""Dashboard Filter"" and Short Trades are excluded by default from the Filter. The user can elect to include them if needed for analysis

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.6 (release date 26th March, 2019)

Change Log

  • Fix to Google Extract for the Company Name as more characters needed to be parsed

  • Support Form issues have been resolved with new options

  • Fix to Historical Price update via Yahoo, now using ""scraping"" technique to return the prices and dividends from Yahoo. This has restored the Reporting functionality and dividend download for all stocks outside of AUD

  • Fix to Current Security Price Update to return the Last Trade Date

  • Fix to Reports so that when they are being run up to the Current Date that they look into the Combined Security Details worksheet for the prices to save time. If the user has updated prices for the day then those prices can be used in the report instead of going to the Historical Price method for each Security

  • Fix to the return of High Price with the Google Data Source

  • Fix to a number forms to center them on the active screen.

  • Fix to Dividend updates for the case where a user Adds a Stock to a Security that has already had it's dividends returned. It will now report those Dividends as NEW ready to be added for the new Portfolio

  • Fix to allow for Fractional Quantities (up to 6 decimal places) to be entered for a Trade. This will allow users to include DRP returned Quantities and any other specific calculations

  • Contract No Reference is no longer required to be unique it can be used for multiple Trades. But the user is warned if a Duplicate Contract No Reference is found

  • Fix to ensure that all configuration data for an Exchange is brought across to the transferred version including any EOD Historical References

  • Fix to Google Extract to resolve an issue with the Security Code extract

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.5 (release date 19th August, 2018)

Change Log

  • Fix to Google Extract code again as the matching tag changed for Company Name again. Additional code to all extract routines to ensure that invalid Company Name text is recognised as #Not Found and returned as warning.

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.4 (release date 15th August, 2018)

Change Log

  • Fix to Transfer Routines for some users the Source List box data load was failing due to invalid data. This release will ensure the Source List box data load will avoid that data.

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.3 (release date 15th August, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Google Extract code to match a different value for the Company Name in the source page

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.2 (release date 30th June, 2018)

Change Log

Export worksheets to Excel for extended analysis. This new feature allows you to export all worksheets in Share Trade Tracker to a standalone Excel file

Reports can now have a new option to be generated into Excel for later post report analysis and update

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.1 (release date 11th May, 2018)

Change Log

Available Cash calculation now included to the Dashboard that returns a calculated value for your available cash based on the trades, dividends and income received.

Available Cash Report provides a transaction and running balance based on trading activity

New Dashboard measure to report on Today's change in value. This will indicate the % change in your portfolio's value from the previous days close

Increase in the number of months available in the VAMI calculations to allow for analysis back to 1990

Share Trade Tracker v3.2.0 (release date 7th April, 2018)

Change Log

Update to include a new integration with EOD Historical Data. A data source that provides a reliable and accurate data feed for Share Trade Tracker. This feature will ensure that the data imported to Share Trade Tracker is reliable and accurate. For more details see Data Source's Explained

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.8 (release date 23rd March, 2018)

Change Log

Update to Update Prices with Google as the source. Changes to the Google Finance features affected the extraction of price data.

Further fixes to Yahoo as the source for some cases the security code could not be found or the matching Exchange code for the security was not found

The Enable Find & Find Next feature was adjusted and expanded to provide more details for expert users on how to enable and use this feature

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.7 (release date 24th February, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Update Prices with Yahoo as the source. Some reports of inconsistent and in some cases inaccurate prices for some stocks using Yahoo as the source. This has been fixed

Fix to VAMI sheet to avoid any errors on opening when there are no Trade values

Fix for an issue when IB Upload trades and an Auto Filter is in place on the Open Positions worksheet

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.6 (release date 27th January, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Interactive Broker Upload trades to ensure that the right Exchange is set for the securities that are uploaded. In some cases the selected Exchange was being ignored

New feature to give the user an option to check for upgrades on Share Trade Tracker. Each 14 days the option is presented on open of the workbook.

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.5 (release date 25th January, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Interactive Broker Upload trades to account for different column positions in the source data coming from different client accounts

New feature for Interactive Broker Upload trades to allow for the setting of a Trade Date for selected or all uploaded trades

Fix to Yahoo price routine to set the correct Daily Movement was including the wrong Daily Movement value for all Yahoo price updates

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.4 (release date 16th January, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Get Dividends that was failing on ASX securities that had no dividends (Eg ACX.AX). Needed to allow for an early end to the dividend table

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.3 (release date 14th January, 2018)

Change Log

Fix to Dividend Extract routine that was not returning the most recent dividend

New Help options for Support Request and Forum included to the Ribbon

A custom Upload Trades function included for bulk trade data from Interactive Brokers

Fix to Transfer Data to resolve an issue when there are no Open Positions being transferred

Update to ensure the Progress form is always displayed for a user to update on progress and then to restore the Excel window to it's previous state when processing is completed and we are ready for the next action to be taken.

Configuration setting to choose if the Progress form is displayed on top or not. The default is TRUE

Fix to error in the workbook startup for some users that resulted in an error VAMI Set End Date.

Total Trade calculation on the Dashboard was not correct and was updated

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.2 (release date 18th December, 2017)

Change Log

Fix to Dividend update routine that was failing for Australia securities. A new data source was found and the routine converted to extract dividend details from the new source

Update to the Daily Price update routine to ensure that ticker values are matching the Exchange

Change to the Filter Form to save the last position set by a user

Change to only reset the Num Lock key for Excel 2007 users

Share Trade Tracker v3.1.0 (release date 12th November, 2017)

Change Log

Fix to Daily Price Movement column that was not being updated with the Last Trade Price

Update Prices changed to only return prices for Open Positions

Missing Security entries will now override any values returned from a source website. This is included to allow users to override price details that may be incorrect in their workbook

Google included as a 2nd Data Source for security details and set as the default data source

Feature to "Try the Other Data Source" on error. This allows the user to check both data sources for security details if the default data source is not successful

Share Trade Tracker v3.0.9 (release date 6th November, 2017)

Change Log

Fix to Yahoo Price Update issue to deliver last traded price into the workbook

Error handling update for Dividend routines

Update to fix some reported Excel crashes / failures

Further fix to Historical Price and Dividend extract routines

Update to Manual Securities to ensure that workaround is available for future releases should the Yahoo Price Update routine fail to return the last traded price

New feature to reset a licence key if required

Share Trade Tracker v3.0.8 (release date 8th July, 2017) - MAJOR Version Update

Change Log

Short Trades included with new entry forms, worksheet and Dashboard measures

Brokerage can now be set on a Portfolio basis

Dividend have been extended to include Franking Credits & Franked % for Australian Shares

Dashboard has been expanded to include Cash balance start and end

Transfer process has been improved to allow for missing references and reduced upload times

New forms have been included for all worksheets (eg Cash Accounts)

Find & Select forms have been setup for each worksheet to update or delete an entry

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.7 (release date 2nd July, 2017)

Change Log

More fixes to the Historical Price extract routine following further changes by Yahoo to the website delivery of price information.

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.6 (release date 2nd June, 2017)

Change Log

Fix to Holding calculate for the Dividend Ex-Date where shares traded on the Ex-Date were being included to the Holding calculation

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.5 (release date 2nd June, 2017)

Change Log

Further fix to to retrieve Historical Prices and Overseas Dividends

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.4 (release date 13th May, 2017)

Change Log

Fix to retrieve Historical Prices and Overseas Dividends

Fix to Exchange listing link on the Configuration form

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.3 (release date 8th September, 2016)

Change Log

Fix VBA Password Prompt, a resolution to the intermittent display of the VBA Password Prompt. For details on the release and fix refer to the following support article

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.2 (release date 17th July, 2016)

Change Log

Maximum Price included to Open Positions and a New Floating Stop Loss function that compares the current Market Price to the Maximum Price and highlights stocks that are in breach of the %

Changed the frozen Columns on BuyTrades, OpenPositions, SoldTrades to start from the Security Code

Internet availability check included to protect user from unavailable internet

Fix to Charts to ensure that All values are displayed when repeated values are included

Update to the Close options for the Workbook to allow user to Cancel the Save if required

Included a warning regarding the Share Trading Information

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.1 (release date 1st May, 2016)

Change Log

Dividend warning to advise users when potentially duplicate Dividends are about to be loaded

Dashboard fix for Interest total to ensure the End Date is used in the calculation

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.9 (release date 10th February, 2016)

Change Log

Fix on workbook close to set Saved property as a problem was occuring in 2007

Fix to Upgrade Caption so that it shows the Application Name instead of the hard coded "Share Trade Tracker"

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.8 (release date 6th February, 2016)

Change Log

Fix for VBA Password Prompt applied to set a Save on exit that may avoid the issue

Fix for the DIV / 0 error on the Sold Trade and Open Position worksheet after Upload Trades

Added ETF and Managed Fund as instruments that can be selected as part of the buy trade

Fix to update prices count on display for number of securities updated

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.7 (release date 15th January, 2016)

Change Log

Fix to Open Position create routine to ensure that multiple Sold Trades for a Buy are included to calculation of remaining values for Quantity and Buy Costs

Change to Default % of Brokerage for Trade to 3 decimal places

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.6 (release date 30th December, 2015)

Change Log

Update to Financial Year report to not search for Historical Prices that are in the future

Fix to now display an option for a future Financial Year

Fix for Interest values transferring as text, now transferred as numbers

Change to Dashboard display to extend the Grey background

Fix to the spelling of Withdrawal throughout the workbook

Fix to reports for the P&L calculations, inclusion of Open Positions to report as at End Date

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.5 (release date 23rd December, 2015)

Change Log

Fix for Buy Trades and Open Positions not showing formatting for Open, Partial, Sold trades

Fix to Dashboard for Portfolio return calculation

Fix to reports to display the starting balance for Cash Account transactions

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.4 (release date 13th December, 2015)

Change Log

Fix for Open Position calculations to include partial sales

Fix to Sold Trades for modify to ensure previous Quantity returned

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.3 (release date 12th December, 2015)

Change Log

Custom Reports for Financial Year and Date Range

Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) Chart and Table

Redesigned Dashboard and Charts Analysis

Optimisation for Workbook Calculations to significantly improve performance

Changed method of Filtering for workbook to improve performance and analysis

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.2 (release date 2nd July, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Brokerage calculation not reflecting the values required on Buy after changing Quantity

Some initial re-factoring of Class routines to reflect naming convention

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.1 (release date 23rd June, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Stop Loss using the Brokerage value for new Buy Trades

Fix to Brokerage calculation not reflecting the values required on Buy

Share Trade Tracker v2.1.0 (release date 12th June, 2015)

Change Log

Upgrade option included to allow users to receive updates to functionality

Product version check to validate the current version

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.19 (release date 8th June, 2015)

Change Log

Data Transfer capability now included from previous versions of Share Trade Tracker

Re-Display of Filter Form after Adding Dividends

Fix to allow for more than 2 decimal places for a Dividend Amount

Dashboard Auto Zoom setting for User Details

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.18 (release date 2nd June, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Update User Details and Log file settings not being updated

Software Licence Agreement Acceptance now included to Product Activation step

Currency Display now set to the computers Region and Language settings and adjusted in all worksheets for display of currencies and dates.

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.17 (release date 22nd May, 2015)

Change Log

Changes to ensure Quantity is a whole number during Upload and Add

Update to all Price fields to allow for up to 6 decimal places. Those decimals only to display if specified in the price.

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.16 (release date 15th May, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Upload Trades to process a single trade when specified

Confirmed as final release version

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.15 (release date 13th May, 2015)

Change Log

Debug Text Out file not writing in some cases due to permissions error

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.14 (release date 11th May, 2015)

Change Log

Automated lookups for Interest and Manual Securities Worksheet

Further fix for the Activate Ribbon Tab routine for Excel 2013

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.13 (release date 1st May, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Activate Ribbon Tab routine for Excel 2013

Enhanced Error Handling

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.12 (release date 29th April, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Dividends for multiple Portfolios

Fix for Filter and the use of Exchange in worksheets

Fix to Upload Trades not matching out all Sales when multiple Portfolios

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.11 (release date 26th April, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to Dividends assigned to Portfolios, not being applied correctly if a security is added post initial Dividend load

Share Trade Tracker v2.0.10 (release date 21st April, 2015)

Change Log

Fix to currency display, last used values and Exchange selection on Buy Trade entry