Delete Trade

If for any reason you need to delete a buy or sell trade you can do so using the "Delete Trade" function on the Share Trade Tracker menu. This function lets you delete one or many trades in a single action.

Start by navigating to the worksheet you want to delete from Buy or Sold trades then click 'Delete' a form will pop-up that asks you select the trade or trades for deletion. You can click on each heading to sort the list by Trade Date, Security Code, Quantity or Portfolio. Click the heading again to sort in a different order.

You can also delete ALL the trades from a specific portfolio by using the option at the bottom of the form to "Delete all Trades for Portfolio", once this is selected all trades that can be deleted will be deleted for that Portfolio.

If you attempt to delete a buy trade that has already been sold or partially sold a warning message will display advising that is cannot be deleted until the corresponding sold trade is first deleted. To delete a buy trade that is already sold you must first delete the sell trade and then delete the buy trade.

The deletion of sell trades works exactly the same as for buy trades. You can select a single or multiple trades for deletion with a single action.

If for some reason you want to delete all trades, dividends and clear the security prices from the Share Trade Tracker system you can do that via the "Clear All Trades" function by selecting Configuration on the Share Trade Tracker ribbon.