Upload Trades - Interactive Brokers

The ability to upload trade data directly from an Interactive Brokers account has now been provided for Share Trade Tracker users. The steps below guide you on the report generation from your Interactive Brokers account and then the upload into Share Trade Tracker.

Step 1 - Login to your Traders Workstation (TWS) at Interactive Broker

Step 2 - Select Trade Log from the TWS Dashboard

Once logged in go to the Trade Log.

Step 3 - Generate Trade Log Report

Select File from the top menu and then select the days reports you want to run, usually you will extract a report for today's or the previous days trading. In the Export Trade Reports window select custom columns.

Select the export columns and make sure that all options indicated below are selected, to complete the selection of the columns click OK and you will be returned to the Export Trade Reports window.

Now just make sure that the data will be created with a comma to separate each of the columns and that you are happy with the location of the file that will be created.

Note: once you have run this report once you only need to select the option for "Custom Columns" and the same columns will be included for all reports.

Step 4 - Upload Interactive Brokers Trades to Share Trade Tracker

Now that you have created the report from Interactive Brokers you can upload it to Share Trade Tracker. Select the option Upload and then the option Upload Interactive Brokers.

Now you will see a form that will guide you through the upload of trades. Start with setting the Source file, this is the file that you just downloaded from Interactive Brokers. If the file format is valid and the portfolio can be matched all the records will be returned to the valid list box on the left of the form.

If any or all of the records cannot be matched to a portfolio or exchange you will be asked to update those records to allocate them to a valid portfolio or exchange stored in Share Trade Tracker. If you need to see the details of any of the valid or invalid records, double click on that record and a form will pop-up with the detail displayed. Once all the records are validated you then click on Consolidate, this will combine any trades for the same type, portfolio, symbol and trade date. The resulting records will be shown in the consolidated list.

If any sold records cannot be matched to buy records in the supplied file or Share Trade Tracker they will be displayed in the list with a status of "UnMatched Sold Trade". These records will not be loaded to Share Trade Tracker.

Finally you select Upload Trades to upload the consolidate list of trades to Share Trade Tracker. In this step if required you can change the trade date that is to be used for the upload.

Here are the options for updating invalid records if they cannot be matched to a portfolio or exchange within Share Trade Tracker. You select the portfolio or exchange and then select Update Invalid to update all the invalid records with that new value. If you want to update just a single or multiple records select those and then select Update Invalid.

At the end of the process you will see the following status returned to report on the number of buy and sold trades added along with any trades that could not be loaded.

This feature has been requested by a large number of Share Trade Tracker users. Please let us know if you find any issues in the use of this upload and we will investigate them. The best place to let us know is the Share Trade Tracker Forum - Report a Problem.