Manual Dividend

One of the biggest time saving features of Share Trade Tracker is the automated process, Dividend Details that finds dividends for all the securities in your portfolio. It is possible that the automated process does not find your securities dividend details, if this happens you can manually create a dividend.

Add Manual Dividend

Select 'Add' from the Dividend section on the ribbon and then provide the require fields to create the dividend record manually. It is important that the correct ex-dividend date is specified, if this date is not right then the holding calculation for the security and portfolio may not be accurate.

Update or Delete Dividend

If you need to update or delete a dividend record then select the Dividend worksheet and from the ribbon select 'Modify' or 'Delete'. This will then display a selection form for you to search for and find the dividend record that needs to be modified. Once you find that record select it and then click 'Update' or 'Delete'. For delete you can select multiple records.