Norgate Data

Norgate Data is a paid data source that provides direct and local access to prices and dividend information for Share Trade Tracker users that have a valid Norgate Data subscription. The steps to configure Norgate Data as your data source for Share Trade Tracker are shown below. On the 'Configure your Data Source' form for Prices or Dividends there is a button to 'Setup API Key' click on this button to request and setup your API Key for World Trading Data.

Once selected the Confirm Subscription form will be displayed to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Get Subscription, click on this button and you will be directed to the Norgate Data website to purchase a data plan subscription. Once you are on that website select the subscription plan and follow the steps to install it on your computer.

Step 2 - Confirm Subscription, once you configured your Norgate Data subscription on your computer you are ready to click 'Confirm Subscription'. This will attempt to call your Norgate Data subscription and confirm that everything is ready to start using it as your data source.

Step 3 - Store Subscription, if the test is successful then click on the 'Store Subscription' button to save the status into the settings for Share Tracker. That key will then be used each time you 'Update Prices' or run reports requiring Historical prices.

Key Notes for Norgate Data as a Data Source

The following issues may be encountered when setting up Norgate Data as a data source for Share Trade Tracker, please review the resolutions below before contacting our support team.

Norgate Data subscription is NOT confirmed

If you are sure that you have a valid Norgate Data subscription on your computer and it is not being recognised by Share Trade Tracker it could be due to suffix approach that you Norgate Data plan is using. This will only apply to users that have been with Norgate Data for a long time (ie more than 2 years). For those subcribers the suffix will not be recognised by Share Trade Tracker for Australian stocks. There is an easy fix for this and it involves contacting the Norgate Data support desk and requesting that your plan is updated to use the mandatory suffix approach where all Australian stocks use .AU as the suffix.

Please only contact the Norgate Data support desk if you have an existing Norgate Data subscription.